Identifying Three Common Furnace Issues

As a homeowner, there is not much worse than going to turn on your heater in your cold home and having it fail to start. While in we strongly advise calling a professional Allentown HVAC repair company for any major maintenance or services on your complex furnace system, there are a few things you can check that may resolve your issue on your own.

Check Your Thermostat Settings

You may be surprised at such a simple suggestion, but we do occasionally get calls for broken furnaces where the problem was simply that the thermostat was not set properly. Have you flipped from air conditioner to heater? Did you set the temperature higher than the temperature currently in your home? Is fan turned on? Any of these things may cause your heater to fail to turn on.

Check the Gas Line

Some homeowners who have gas-powered furnaces will shut off the gas line during the summer months to prevent any accidental leakage and prevent the heater from turning on. In some cases, they then forget to turn the gas line back on, resulting in the heater failing to ignite and no warm air coming out.

Check the Power

All furnace systems need some form of electricity, even gas powered ones. During summer months, when the heater isn’t needed, some homeowners will unplug their heater system to prevent it from accidentally turning on as well as prevent unnecessary electricity consumption (everything left plugged in uses electricity, even just a little bit). Much like the gas line, this means many of them then forget to plug their furnace back in when winter begins.

If your furnace is plugged in and still not starting, check your fuse box or circuit breaker. Sometimes turning on your system for the first time can trip your fuse or switch, particularly if your system is on a circuit that you already heavily use. Switching off a few devices on that circuit and flipping the switch back on should allow your furnace to fire right up.

If you are having a heating issue other than the ones mentioned here, it’s highly advised that you contact a professional to perform the repairs. At Curtis Total Service, we have served Allentown and the entire Lehigh Valley community since 1988, providing expert repairs and the highest levels of customer service at affordable prices. Our technicians are all trained in the latest systems and techniques, and can accurately diagnose your heater issue and perform the necessary repairs right the first time.

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