What Makes the AC Filter So Dirty?

Even if you are the most responsible of AC unit owners, you may have noticed your AC filter tends to get very dirty, requiring a replacement once clogged. If you find your AC unit needs replacing sooner than the recommended period of time for that particular model, there may be a number of reasons causing so much dirt and dust buildup. The good news is, these problems can often be corrected, which results in cleaner AC filters, cleaner circulated air, and less time spent maintaining and replacing these filters.

The following are common reasons why your AC filter may be clogged with particles before its recommended change date:

  • Pets – Shedding hair inevitably results in a clogged unit. The best way to prevent this is to give your pet a weekly brushing, as well as consider daily vacuuming.
  • Fan is on –If the fan is set to auto, it only blows when your system is actively heating or cooling, causing there to be more buildup as it is in constant use. However, if you leave it on auto, it will be used less as it will not be continuous, and therefore won’t have as much of a buildup of dirt.
  • Dust – If your home is particularly dusty, these particles will be picked up by the AC unit and there is no real way to prevent this from happening except by cleaning. If you have rooms or areas that are rarely used, they will accumulate dust and end up in your filter.
  • Extreme temperatures – Extreme weather will run your system continuously, as if it is “on” as opposed to “auto.” You may have to adjust the temperature, and reduce it by a few degrees.
  • High MERV rating – A high MERV rating means the smaller air particles can be trapped by your filter. Inexpensive fiberglass filters will let smaller particles pass through, which means you won’t change your filters as quickly, but will have more particles in your air. A more expensive one will make your air cleaner, but will cause wear and tear on your HVAC fan. We can help you select the correct one for your home and your needs.

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