Four Signs You Should Replace Your Gas Furnace

It doesn’t take long before you realize your furnace has gone out. This invaluable part of your house is what keeps you warm and comfortable in the frigid winter months, and there’s a sense of dread and angst when it suddenly doesn’t turn on when you need it most. Fortunately for homeowners, there are a few distinct signs of a furnace that may be about to fail. On this blog, we examine four of them. If you are seeing any of these signs on your furnace, call today to schedule a replacement service!

Your Furnace is More than 15 Years Old

When was the last time you purchased a new furnace? If you can’t remember, then there’s a good chance then that your furnace may be past its expected lifespan. Consumer Reports estimates that the average life expectancy of a furnace is about 18 years, while EnergyStar says you should replace any furnace older than 15 years. Replacing a furnace of this age with an ENERGY STAR rated unit can save you roughly 15% on your heating bill.

Your Gas Bill Has Risen Unexpectedly

A furnace that’s old may not be able to heat air as efficiently as it used to, which means it needs to be on longer and more frequently to keep your house warm. However, you may not notice that your heater is on more frequently until you get your gas bill for the month. If you recently received quite the nasty shock at your gas consumption, consider having your heater inspected or replaced. That should help bring your bill back down to normal.

The Thermostat Never Seems to Keep Your Home Warm

Does it seem like you have to turn your thermostat way up high in order to actually get your home comfortable? There are many reasons for that, but one of the most likely culprits is that your furnace can’t distribute heat evenly throughout your home anymore, usually a result of reduced power from old age. Find out if your issue can be repaired or if you may need a replacement by calling a professional.

Your Burner Flame is Yellow

The flame from a burner in a gas furnace is normally blue, just like what you’d see on a gas stovetop, since they both burn the same fuel. However, an old furnace or a furnace that’s about to go out may be a yellow color. This is an extremely dangerous sign because it means your furnace could be producing carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless toxic gas that could be fatal. If you see a yellow flame, shut off your furnace and call for a repair immediately, as it is not safe to operate it.

A yellow flame is not the only sign of potential carbon monoxide. Other indicators include soot around the furnace, absence of an upward draft, extra moisture on your windows, walls, or other cold surfaces, and rusting on your flue pipe or other pipe connectors. A professional will be able to better diagnose if you are experiencing a potential carbon monoxide issue.

When you are experiencing issues with your furnace, the Allentown HVAC professionals at Curtis Total Service may be able to help. Our courteous and knowledgeable technicians can examine your heating system and diagnose the problem, then provide you with a competitive written estimate. We back up all of our work with some of the best warranties and guarantees in the industry because we treat each home as though it were our own.

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