Blog Posts in July, 2017

  • How to Keep Energy Costs Down & Save Money This Summer!

    Studies have estimated that the average household spends roughly half of their energy costs every year on heating and cooling expenses. So as you might imagine, a system that isn’t running efficiently or struggles to keep up with demand may be costing you a fortune in extra energy. Summer is currently at its peak, which means your air conditioner has been working hard for a few months now to keep ...
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  • Four Ways to Beat the Summer Heat!

    Summer may be a time for fun, but the endless sweltering heat and high humidity day after day can get old fast, leaving you itching for something you can do to beat the heat. This is especially true if your air conditioner doesn’t work so well, making life at home a difficult, frustrating, and sticky mess. If you need a great idea for something to do or where to find some much needed respite from ...
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