Five Summer Woes—and How You Can Beat the Heat!

While summer has plenty of opportunities for a number of exciting and interesting activities, they can all be dampened with the failure of your AC unit, leaving you overheated and overwhelmed. No matter how many things you have to look forward to for the summer, they don’t hold the same level of joy and thrill when you are suffering in a sweltering home. At Curtis Total Service, we are comprised of professional and experienced technicians who can help resolve even the worst of problems, and we pride ourselves on being one of the best in Allentown AC repair.

The following are 5 of the worst summer woes:

  • Coming home to a hot apartment or home – After a long day at work, the last thing anyone wants is to come home to a residence that greets you with a wave of hot air.
  • Being too hot to sleep – Most of us are frustrated at the prospect of losing sleep--even more so when it occurs because it’s too hot to sleep. If you are uncomfortable with leaving your AC unit on all night and can’t keep your home at a consistent temperature otherwise, this can quickly become a very taxing problem.
  • Leaving your AC on all day – In the hot summer months, we may feel inclined to leave our AC on all day. In fact, we may even forget to turn it off before we leave the house, which can result in an extremely high utility power bill the following month.
  • Leaving your pet at home in the heat – We all know leaving our pets in a hot car can be fatal. Leaving them in an extremely hot home is just as bad.
  • Humidity – Perhaps more unpleasant than just being overheated, humidity can result in a lot of unpleasant and embarrassing sweating.

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These issues can quite easily be resolved with proper Allentown AC repair, as done so by our team at Curtis Total Service. We pride ourselves on excellent workmanship, friendly service, and efficient solutions to even the worst of your problems. Whether your AC unit needs a quick repair or an entire upheaval, we will ensure you always come home to a home at just the right temperature of your liking—without unnecessarily increasing your fees for no reason.

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