Why Is My AC Freezing Over?

Our heating and air conditioning technicians at Curtis Total Service are often asked questions about air conditioners and their efficiency. As the seasons change, so do our needs—we want our homes warm in the cooler months and icy and refreshing as the summer hits. However, when your air conditioner is working a little too hard, to the point where it begins freezing, then that is a sign that something might be wrong.

An air conditioner that freezes up is certainly not an uncommon problem. We have assisted many families in Allentown and throughout the surrounding areas of Easton, Bethlehem, and more, with diagnosing any potential issues and getting it fixed before it becomes a huge headache!

What Should I Do if My Air Conditioner Is Freezing Over?

It might seem impossible to think that an AC could freeze up in the middle of a hot summer day. Trust us—it does happen and for many reasons. Below, we discuss some of the most common reasons why this occurs.

  1. A blockage. The air flow in your AC unit is stopped up for whatever reason. Because the air is unable to flow, the condensation accumulates on the coil, leading to freezing. This can often occur because of a dirty air filter, which either needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  2. A refrigerant leak. Whether your AC relies on Freon or another type of coolant, refrigerant leaks are some of the most common reasons for this. This is a fix that our air conditioning experts can handle. We can discuss replacement options as well, and make our professional recommendations if fixing the unit is not possible.

At Curtis Total Service, we pride ourselves on providing quality and honest work, and we work hard to build our customers’ trust. We remain as transparent as possible so that you know exactly what issues you might be facing and what you can do to prevent an HVAC issue in the future.

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