Trenchless Sewer Repair in Allentown, PA

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Replacing a broken sewage line with traditional techniques can be very difficult. However, modern technology has made it possible to repair sewer lines with a minimally-invasive procedure that repairs small leaks and cracks in your pipes without having to dig up your entire yard.

This is great news for homeowners as these new modern techniques can make pipe far less of a hassle and simpler to do on a moment’s notice. You no longer have to wait for a company to bring a massive digger to your home to excavate an old broken line. Instead, our skilled plumbers at Curtis Total Service can repair a sewage pipe leak with minimal collateral damage.

These trenchless sewer repair methods can benefit you as a homeowner by:

  • Taking less time
  • Saving you money
  • Minimal digging in your property
  • Providing long-lasting durability

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