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Frozen Pipes are a Troubling Issue Homeowners Face Each Winter

The brisk air of colder months is just enough to wreak havoc on our water supply lines. The water in your pipes expands as it freezes and can block the line. While frozen pipes are most likely to occur during frigid temperatures, they can affect the comfort of your home no matter where you live. Before your frozen pipes result in an even bigger issue, call Curtis Total Service, one of the top plumbing companies in the Lehigh Valley.


Common Reasons Pipes Freeze

Frozen pipes are an inconvenience that can lead to many serious problems. While many homeowners are faced with this issue, very few of them are aware of the following causes of frozen pipes:


  • Exposure to severely cold temperatures

Pipes that are outdoors, like swimming pool lines or hose hubs can easily freeze up when temperatures drop.


  • Pipes in unheated areas

If you have water supply pipes in your basement, crawlspace, attic, or other unheated areas, they are at risk of freezing when those rooms get too cold.


  • Interior walls that are not insulated

It’s often a misconception that homes in warmer climates do not experience frozen pipes. Homes that are located in warmer states are often more likely to be poorly insulated, if at all. While a home that is insulated is protected from outdoor temperatures, these poorly insulated homes are exposed to cold temperatures, which puts their pipes at risk of freezing up.


How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Taking preventative measures to ensure your pipes don’t freeze can save you a ton of money that would be likely spent on costly repairs. Take proper care of your water supply lines by understanding how to prevent frozen pipes.

  • Remove the water hose from outdoor hubs
  • Insulate pipes that are located in unheated areas
  • Ensure your home is properly insulated

Our expert plumbing technicians at Curtis Total Service are well-equipped, trained, and skilled to repair frozen pipes. It’s important to seek professional help, as frozen pipes can burst, resulting in costly repairs. For emergency plumbing repair services in the Lehigh Valley, contact us at 610-709-6565 or fill out our contact form for additional inquiries.