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Video Plumbing Inspections

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Being able to clear a clog is one thing but being able to SEE what is clogging your drain is amazing.  Our plumbers at Curtis Total Service are able to perform a video inspection of your homes’ plumbing to pinpoint the issue and potential issues with your water lines and sewer lines.  Once we find the source of the issue, our plumbers will be able to accurately diagnose and clear the line.

Video Plumbing Inspection can find issues such as:

  • Tree root infiltrations’
  • Broken, cracked and/or collapsed lines
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Water line blockages
  • Bellied pipe lines
  • Offset pipes

We like to find the issue and fix it right the first time and with Video plumbing inspections, we’re able to see the issue.  The process is pretty simple. Our plumber will send a cable with a high-resolution camera and bright light down into your pipe. From that we are able to see high-definition images in real time to properly see and diagnose the issue with your plumbing lines.  We will then be able to offer multiple solutions to properly address the issue.

Each of our licensed and insured  master plumbers are required to have over 100+ hours of training yearly.   Curtis Total Service also offers in-house financing and are backed by some of the longest warranties in the industry. Our plumbers are knowledgeable, will explain your unique problem and the solutions recommended to fix it.

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