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Well Pump Services in the Lehigh Valley

Providing Outstanding Customer Service in the Lehigh Valley Since 1988

Having fresh water in your home isn’t as easy as it sometimes sounds. Our expert master plumbers at Curtis Total Service are trained and experienced in well pump repair, replacements, and installations to provide fast and affordable service to our customers who are not on the main city water supply line.

Our trained professionals are up-to-date with all the standard practices and can service any make or model of pump. When an issue with your well pump arises, trust only the best. Our well pump services are available in the Lehigh Valley, PA, area, including:

  • Allentown
  • Bethlehem
  • Easton
  • Nazareth

Professional Well Pump Repair Services for Residents in Lehigh Valley

Well pumps are in constant use, which is why many homeowners need well pump repairs at one point or another. Fortunately, you can rely on our expert plumbers for timely well pump services in the Lehigh Valley area. Our technicians understand the vast array of issues that can affect your specific well pump and know how to accurately diagnose the problem and provide a lasting solution.

Over the past thirty years, we’ve helped repair the following well pump issues:

  • Leaks
  • Pressure Valve Malfunctions
  • Bladder Complications
  • Pressure Switch Adjustments
  • Power Supply Failures

Well Pump Replacement Services in Lehigh Valley for Old, Malfunctioning Pumps

Is your old well pump no longer meeting the demands of your household? It could be time to replace this essential piece of equipment so that you can enjoy a steady flow of water in your home. When you hire our team for well pump services in the Lehigh Valley, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Our well pump contractors do quick and safe work during the replacement process. We guarantee all of the parts we use and our craftsmanship. We also carry all the resources we need to ensure the installation process is affordable and completed without a hitch.

We offer jet pump, submersible pump, and constant pressure well pump replacements. Our constant pressure well pump system will meet your demands for water and ensure you receive water at a consistent pressure. This innovative system also features:

  • Soft Start: This soft start prevents electrical stress on service mains and extends the motor life.
  • Overload and Over/Under Voltage Protection: The system’s innovative technology provides pump motor protection against irregular voltages and currents by stopping or reducing the speed of the pump.
  • Dry-Running Protection: If dry-running becomes an issue, the system is designed to stop the pump to prevent damage.
  • Durable Design: The constant pressure well pump has been designed for durability to ensure a long and trouble-free lifetime.
  • Unbelievable Water Pressure: The well pump will give you a water pressure similar to the city’s water pressure. This means you will still get constant water pressure even if everyone in your household is using water at the same time.

New Well Pump Installation Services in Lehigh Valley

You’ve just had a well drilled on your property. Now, you need a well pump professionally installed to receive a steady stream of water from the faucets throughout your home. Our well pump installation experts will help you decide which type of well pump is right for you and your household’s needs, whether that’s a jet, submersible, or constant pressure pump. Then, we will quickly complete the installation process and ensure everything is working correctly to allow you to enjoy a fresh supply of water instantly.

Our Emergency Plumbing Services Include Well Pump Repairs!

At Curtis Total Service, we offer emergency plumbing services for all your issues, and that includes any problems with your well pumps. These pumps play a very big role in providing homes with a steady water supply, especially in areas not serviced by municipal water systems. Over time, pump systems can face various challenges, from mechanical wear and tear to issues with pressure switches, all of which can disrupt your home’s water supply. Our plumbers make those issues go away as fast as they arrive, as we can diagnose and repair problems affecting all types of well pumps, including submersible pumps and jet pumps. Contact us the minute you notice well pump issues.

Signs Your Well Pump Should Be Repaired or Replaced

When your well pump begins to malfunction or break down, you will not miss the warning signs within your home. If you notice any of the following complications, you may need to schedule well pump repair or replacement services:

  • Dirty water pouring from the tap
  • Loud banging noises coming from your water pipes
  • “Spitting” from your faucets from air pockets in your water lines
  • Low water pressure
  • The pump cycles on and off continuously
  • A large increase in your electric energy bill every month

The longer these warning signs are put off or ignored, the more difficult and expensive the repairs or replacement will be. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your existing well pump, our plumbers are equipped to provide you with up-front pricing so you can find the best fit that will give you safety, reliability, and energy savings all year long. Our master plumbers are also able to offer in-house financing backed with some of the longest warranties in the industry.

Have All Your Well Pump Concerns Addressed by Expert Plumbers

When it comes to ensuring that water is getting to your home, our skilled and insured master plumbers are equipped to provide you with fast and affordable 24/7 emergency service. Whether you need an installation, replacement, or repair, we will guide you through the process and ensure you are kept informed every step of the way.

For professional well pump services in the Lehigh Valley area, including Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and Nazareth, PA, contact Curtis Total Service. We can also help you with your water treatment concerns, the installation of water-efficient technology, the repair of water heaters, and water and sewer line repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a well pump last?

A well pump can last anywhere from 8 to 15 years, depending on its type and model. Other factors affecting a pump’s lifespan include its duty cycle (or how frequently it runs throughout the day), motor quality, low water table, power loss, and sediment levels. How fast you schedule well pump services in the Lehigh Valley after an issue crops up can also affect the longevity of your pump. Our well pump contractors will promptly arrive at your home to resolve any problems you may have.

What should I do if my well pump stops working?

Did you just turn on a faucet, but no water came out? We can help you resolve this issue! Follow these steps if you suspect your well pump has stopped working:

  1. Check the breaker box. Your well pump may have stopped working because of a lack of power. Switch the circuit breaker off and then on. If this doesn’t resolve your problem, move to the next step.
  2. Examine the pressure tank. Does something appear off about it? Pressure tanks can become waterlogged, experience issues because of a broken air bladder, lose air pressure, or develop rust. Try manually closing the pressure control switch on the pressure tank. If the pump does not automatically turn on after doing this, you know the problem lies with the pump itself.
  3. Schedule well pump services in Lehigh Valley. After following the steps listed above, it’s time to get in touch with your local plumber. We will diagnose the exact problem causing your well pump not to work and provide prompt and affordable repairs or replacements.

How do well pumps work?

Well pumps are devices designed to transport water from an underground source into your home. There are two main types of well pumps: submersible pumps and jet pumps. Submersible pumps work by pushing water to the surface, making them efficient for deep wells. In contrast, jet pumps pull water up, which is more suitable for shallow wells. Both types rely on a system of pressure switches and tanks to maintain a steady water supply. When the water level in the tank drops, the pressure decreases, triggering the pump to activate and refill the tank. This cycle provides a consistent flow of water whenever you need it.

Can I fix a well pump on my own?

When facing issues with your well pump, you might wonder if it’s possible to perform repairs on your own. While some minor troubleshooting can be done without professional help, such as checking the power supply or resetting the pressure switches, most well pump problems require expert knowledge and tools. For example, diagnosing issues with the pump’s motor or dealing with poor water quality involves complex assessments that go beyond basic DIY skills. Additionally, attempting to fix these issues without the proper expertise can lead to further damage or even personal injury. Therefore, when it comes to well pump repairs, it’s wise to work with professionals who offer industry-leading plumbing services to make sure the job is done right.

How can I avoid the most common well pump issues?

If you want to constantly deliver a steady water supply and avoid emergency repairs, you’ve got to maintain your well pumps. How do you do it? Here are some tips to help you keep common well pump issues at bay:

  • Regularly Check the Pressure Switches: These components are vital for the proper operation of your pump system. Make sure they are clean and functioning correctly to avoid sudden water supply issues.
  • Monitor Water Quality: Regular testing of your water quality can alert you to potential problems affecting your pump. Sediments or bacteria buildup can cause blockages or corrosion in your pump system.
  • Prevent Over Cycling: Over cycling, when the pump turns on and off too frequently, can wear out your pump prematurely. Installing a larger pressure tank can help mitigate this issue.
  • Schedule Annual Inspections: Having a professional inspect your pump system annually can catch issues early on, preventing costly repairs down the line. This includes checking for worn parts, ensuring proper electrical connections, and assessing the overall health of your pump.
  • Protect Your System From Freezing: For areas prone to freezing temperatures, make sure your well and pump system are adequately insulated. Frozen pipes can cause significant damage to your pump.