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Water Saving Technology

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Is your water bill consistently high no matter what you try to do to “save water”?   Have you thought about having water saving technology fixtures installed in your home?  Not only will it save you money on your energy-bills but it’s good for the environment as well.   On average, 1 person in your household can use up to 80-100 gallons of water per day; times that by 365 and that’s 29200-36500 gallons per year for just one person in your family! Surprisingly, flushing your toilet uses the most water, so thinking about upgrading your currently plumbing fixtures to a water-saving technology product could save you big.

Curtis Total Service offers a variety of water saving technology products.  Our licensed and insured master plumbers are expertly trained to install, service, and maintain your water saving fixtures.

Some of the more popular water saving technology fixture are:

  • High-Efficiency Toilets
    • A high-efficiency toilet can use 4x less gallons of water.
  • Dual Flush Toilet Retrofits
    • These allow you to choose on using less water or more water when flushing the toilet.
  • Low-Flow Faucets
    • A low-flow faucet allows you to use about 30% less water without sacrificing performance.
  • Reduced-Flow Showerheads
    • There are a couple basic types of reduced-flow showerheads available today. A aerating and laminar-flow shower head to help you reduce the amount of water per minute dispersed through your showerhead.
  • Laundry-Pro 2.0
    • Laundry can use a lot of water, especially if you have a larger family or have family members with sensitive skin. The Laundry-pro 2.0 is a fantastic product that attaches to your water line for the washer and allows you to use no-detergent, only uses cold water and is eco-friendly.  This is even used by our plumbers at Curtis Total Service.

Call Curtis Total Service today to schedule a service call and learn more about our water-saving technology products.