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3 Reasons to Choose a Professional Plumber Over Liquid Plumbing Products

At Curtis Total Service, we’ve been in the plumbing business for quite some time — 30 years to be exact. As one of the leading sewer drain cleaning companies in Easton, PA and throughout the Lehigh Valley, we’ve built a reputation of excellence in a variety of disciplines related to home maintenance — clogged drains included.

The Facts: Liquid Plumbing Products

So what do you first pick up when you have a clogged drain? The liquid plumbing product, or the telephone? We’re here to selflessly advise you to pick up that phone and give the master plumbers at Curtis Total Service a call. Here’s why:

  1. Liquid plumbing products can damage entire plumbing systems. By sitting in the pipe until the clog dissolves, the liquid plumbing product continuously reacts and generates heat, causing numerous problems for any product or material it comes into contact with. Toilet bowls can break, PVC pipes can weaken and eventually crack, corroded pipes can be easily damaged, and the glue that holds piping together can be quickly eaten away when liquid plumbing products are used. 
  2. Liquid plumbing products are unpredictable when combined with other equipment or products. If leftover liquid plumbing product remains in the piping and another chemical cleaning product comes into contact with it inside the drain, you never how they will react together. Toxic fumes can be emitted, or a violent reaction could occur resulting in further damage to the structural integrity of the pipe system. We once had to perform an entire water line replacement in Allentown, PA due to a mixed chemical reaction with a liquid plumbing product. Our experience may be anecdotal, but those in the know back us up.  
  3. Liquid plumbing products can irritate eyes, burn skin, and hurt lungs. The chemical makeup of liquid plumbing products is caustic, meaning they have the ability to corrode or burn through organic tissue by chemical action. That means that any part of your body that comes into contact with a liquid plumbing product needs to be washed off immediately. Liquid plumbing products are often lethal if ingested, even in the smallest amounts.

Stick With The Pros

It can be tempting to use liquid plumbing products as a temporary solution to a bigger problem, but that’s all that they really are: temporary. Liquid plumbing products should be used less than three times a year or you risk damaging your piping. Compacted with the serious risks to your health if an accident should occur, we suggest giving us a call instead. You can reach us at 610-709-6565 to schedule your appointment today.