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3 Signs That Your Furnace Needs to be Replaced

Living in the Northeast can be harsh when it comes to winters, with sometimes unrelenting snowfall and freezing temperatures. Living in a historical region of the United States means that our homes are often older than most, and the furnaces that came with the house are nowhere near as efficient as they ought to be in terms of both cost and actual heating ability. Check out this infographic to learn the benefits of replacing your furnace, and then continue reading below to find out if it’s a necessary option for your situation:



There are a few telltale signs that a furnace is in dire need of replacing that any diligent homeowner should look out for to know if you’re in need of furnace replacement in Nazareth, PA or surrounding locations.

  1. Your furnace is excessively noisy – Rattling or banging noises are almost always a sure sign that your furnace is approaching the end of its life. A reliable and healthy furnace should make minimal noise. While this is the easiest sign to notice, it’s also the most important. If your furnace is making an uproar every time it goes to work, then that means it’s on its last legs and likely to fail when you need it most. Being proactive and getting your noisy furnace repaired or replaced as soon as possible will help you avoid being left in the freezing cold in the first place.


  1. Your furnace is over 10 years old – A typical conventional furnace has a lifespan of around 15 to 20 years, but during the last leg of that time period the performance drops off tremendously. An older furnace requires more frequent maintenance and provides diminishing returns on the amount you invest in keeping it running in the long term. You’ll find your energy bills increasing drastically with each passing year with an older furnace, even if it should have a couple of years left in it. Additionally, newer furnaces tend to be far more energy-efficient, adding to the cost benefits of replacing your furnace rather than letting it run into the ground.


  1. The temperature in your home is inconsistent – Anyone who’s lived with an aging furnace can tell you what it’s like when it comes to the temperature difference between rooms within the house. Your living room might seem comfortable enough, but you walk up to your bedroom and find yourself wanting to put on an extra layer of clothes to stay warm. Older and outdated furnaces tend not to distribute heated evenly. Their waning power can only really get the warmth into the rooms nearest to its location while rooms farther away from the source barely get a trickle of warm air. Not only can this be annoying when you feel like you have to put on or take off a sweater every time you move to a different room, but this is also terribly inefficient with costs as you’re basically paying for a fully heated home but only getting half of that.


If your home furnace is lacking and leaving you disappointed with your comfort and bills, then it’s time to get in touch with the HVAC professionals at Curtis Total Service. With extensive experience in home heating, air, electrical, and drain cleaning services in Easton, PA, and surrounding areas, you can rely on Curtis Total Service for nearly any issue your home or business faces. Contact us at 610-709-6565 for more information.