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How to Tell If You Have Hard Water

Both “hard water” and “soft water” are phrases used to label water that has an excess of certain minerals or chemicals. While soft water is a relatively rare problem, over 80% of American households will deal with (or have already dealt with) hard water at some point or another. Suspect you might have hard water running through your pipes? Watch out for these warning signs.

Water Pressure Problems

One of the most significant signs of hard water is poor water pressure. If you’re no longer enjoying your showers because your taps are running at a trickle, the mineral deposits present in hard water may be clogging up your showerhead. Schedule hard water treatment in Allentown, PA, to remedy this problem.

“Soap Scum” On Fixtures

Do you spend what feels like hours cleaning the bathroom each week only to see the same gross filmy soap scum building up on your fixtures? You aren’t doing anything wrong during your cleaning routine — soap scum is actually an indication of hard water problems. 

Poor Appliance Performance

Because the minerals in hard water are tough on your pipes and water lines, poor appliance performance is a big red flag that you’re dealing with this common problem. Here are a few appliance issues that are often caused by hard water:

  • Your dishwasher isn’t removing grease, oil, or food residue.
  • You notice filmy spots on silverware or glasses after running the dishwasher.
  • Your laundry comes out of the washer dingier than it went in.
  • Strange stains appear on your clothes after they’ve been in the washing machine.
  • Your hot water heater has repeated problems with its tank or valves.

Dry Skin, Hair, and More

Hard water affects more than your appliances. It can also cause problems for your body. The calcium and magnesium present in hard water can dry out your skin and hair. If you suddenly feel dry 24/7 regardless of the weather, the culprit may be the water you’re showering with.

Changes in Water Quality

You sometimes won’t notice if you’re drinking hard water, but more often than not, dissolved minerals in your tap water will give it a certain taste, smell, or even color. If you’re concerned, have your water tested ASAP. At-home test strips that detect hard water are fairly reliable, but professional testing is the best way to make sure nothing in your water is harming you and your family. Rather than spending money on test kits, invest in a water softening system!

Increasing Utility Bills

When you have hard water, your water lines and pipes have to work harder to maintain their efficiency. That means you end up paying bigger bills, even if you aren’t using your appliances as much as you usually do. Don’t overpay those utility bills! Get in touch with certified plumbers ASAP.

Have Hard Water? Contact Curtis Total Service ASAP!

Have you gotten used to scrubbing away soap scum and painstakingly pouring each sip of tap water into a pitcher? It doesn’t have to be like this! You can have fresh, chemical-free water in your home with the help of a whole-house water softening system. Give us a call, and we’ll get to work right away on installing a water softener system that will change the way you go about your daily life.

Have other water quality or HVAC questions? Curtis Total Service can repair or replace just about any appliance in your home, from water filtration systems to mobile home furnaces. We also provide services for water treatment, plumbing, heating, electric, and air conditioning. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our friendly technicians today. We’ll be there soon!