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Spring Preparations: 3 Ways to Get Your A/C Ready

Why is it that people naturally wait to correct an issue once a problem becomes evident? There’s a reason people say it’s better to remain two steps ahead, especially when it comes to your air conditioner. The last thing you want is to experience issues with your AC at a time you need it most. However, with spring approaching quickly, it’s the perfect time for a tune-up.


At Curtis Total Service, we urge our clients to get a thorough inspection of their home AC unit. As one of the best air conditioning companies in Allentown, PA, our technicians are dedicated to ensuring you and your family are comfortable as the warm season approaches. Here are three must-dos to prepare your AC for springtime:


Change the Air Filter

The importance of changing the air filter in your AC unit cannot be stressed enough. Not only will you and your family experience better air-quality with a clean filter, but you can prevent your AC unit from shutting down unexpectedly. A clogged filter can also restrict airflow and force the blower unit to work overtime. The experts at Curtis Total Service recommend changing your air filter every 3 months.

Remove Debris From the Outside Unit

That box-like unit outside of your house is called a condenser, and it works in conjunction with your indoor unit to disperse the heat from the inside of your home. To prepare for spring, you can inspect the outside unit to ensure it’s not obstructed by branches, shrubs, or random debris.


Get an AC Tune-Up

Getting an annual tune-up is the best way to ensure your unit is working properly and provide lasting comfort throughout the spring season. The technicians at Curtis Total Service will conduct a thorough inspection to reduce the chance of an unexpected breakdown. Getting a tune-up just in time for spring will keep your unit running smoothly so you can rest easy when the season’s first heat wave hits!

If your air conditioning needs repair in Macungie, PA, there’s no better time of year than to fix it. Contact the professionals at Curtis Total Service at 610-770-9045 and schedule your pre-season inspection today!