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3 Ways to Keep Home Energy Costs Down This Summer

As adults, being a part of the workforce has taught us many things — like learning where and how to cut costs. The never-ending expenses of adulthood can make budgeting a priority, which means knowing where to cut costs — especially from energy bills.

In the summer, in particular, electricity bills tend to skyrocket. Curtis Total Service, the leading air conditioning repair company in Bethlehem, PA, is dedicated to helping families live comfortably this summer, without compromising on energy bills. There are a number of ways to keep energy costs down, and with these three tips, you’ll enjoy a cool, worry-free summer season.

Keep Heat Out When Using Your AC

Keeping the heat out of your house as much as possible in the summer is a great way to get the most out of your AC unit, which, in turn, reduces energy bills. When the sun’s rays beam fiercely through your windows, it’s warming up your home, which doesn’t quite do well for your AC unit.  

Run Your AC Efficiently

When you come inside from the scorching heat, all you want is for your AC to be blasting and for cool air to be bursting through your vents. While the thought of a cool breeze permeating all throughout the air seems amazing, it won’t cool your home any faster. Also, low temperatures aren’t ideal 24-hours a day. When you use a programmable thermostat, you have full control over the temperature inside of your home at different times of the day. If you want to decrease your summer electricity bills, program your thermostat to a higher temperature when you’re asleep or out for the day.

Maintain Your Cooling System

If you don’t properly take care of your air conditioning unit, you’re likely to experience issues that could potentially cost you money. The air filter in your AC unit is an essential component that blocks dirt, dust, and other contaminants from circulating back in your home. It should be changed regularly, otherwise, the buildup of dirt can restrict airflow. When your AC unit is forced to work overtime to generate cool air, you’re going to see that reflected in your energy bill.

Reduce your energy bill by following the above tips. Trust the areas most sought-after air conditioning repair company in Lehigh Valley, PA to save you money and keep you and your family comfortable throughout the summer. For more information about our services, please contact us by calling 610-770-9045.