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Heating Season is Almost Here

As the heat of summer dwindles on, it’s only a matter of time before the cold weather sneaks up on us. September will come and go, and so too will the consistent warmth of summer. Having natural heat will be a long lost memory until next spring when April showers and May flowers signal the beginning of a new summer season. Until then, you need a way to ensure you and your family have a warm place to call home throughout the fall and winter months — that’s where Curtis Total Service comes in. We are a comprehensive home service company that handles a wide range of jobs related to optimizing the comfort and functionality of your home’s essential energy appliances.

Full Suite of Heating Services

When it comes to heating your home, you can trust us to be the most reliable and skilled heating service provider in the Lehigh Valley. We can help you with a variety of home heating solutions, such as:

  • Heating System Installation
  • Heating System Repair
  • Regular Annual Maintenance
  • Furnace Replacement
  • Service on All Makes and Models

Our heating techs are equipped to repair and maintain all the different appliances that contribute to the temperature of your home. By maintaining all of the heating appliances within your home, you can not only ensure you and your family’s comfort, but do so while saving money on your energy bills. It may even be time to search for a new heating system, which we can help with. If your energy bills are skyrocketing and you don’t know why, give us a call to diagnose the problem and suggest a solution — whether it’s repair, replacement, or installation.

Of course, being a total service provider, we also offer air conditioner repair in Bethlehem, PA to those who are still suffering through the heat of summer without a functioning air conditioner. If you’re not from Bethlehem, we also offer air conditioning repair in Easton, PA, and all of the surrounding areas.

Call Us Today!

To schedule a consultative appointment on installing, repairing, or replacing a heating unit for your home, contact us at 610-709-6565 or fill out a contact form. Additionally, all new customers can benefit from our $69 heat pump/gas heating tune-up for a limited time. We look forward to serving your every HVAC need!