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Why Spring is the Ideal Time to Get Your AC Checked

Since 1988 we have been checking, maintaining, and replacing AC units for thousands of customers. As one of the leading providers of air conditioning repair in Easton PA and surrounding areas, we recommend getting your AC units checked in springtime for several reasons. Our professional team of HVAC contractors has collated some reasons why you should get your AC checked in spring below.

Cleanup Before the Heat of Summer:

To prevent an AC emergency during the hot summer months, it’s crucial to make sure that your AC unit is in full working order. Winter months mean lots of recycled air, so it’s time to change the filter and cleaning ducts if they are dirty or clogged. It’s always worth having your HVAC or AC system checked over before you switch from heating to cooling. Spring air is full of pollen, so have the filters checked early to catch as much as possible.

Make Sure the Unit is Working:

If the AC unit has been switched off for months, it’s beneficial to make sure that all the parts are working as the summer approaches. This is a smart, preventative maintenance and can save customers a fortune in the long run. When you book an AC technician from Curtis Total, you are deciding to work with certified experts who can detect and fix problems quickly and efficiently. Here are a few signs indicating your AC unit is in trouble:

Make your AC Unit Last Longer:

By maintaining your AC unit with regular cleaning and servicing, you are increasing the life of the system. Don’t wait until your AC unit is damaged to call a technician. Replacing worn parts and scheduling regular maintenance with an expert provider will prevent wear and tear. When each and every part of your AC unit is working correctly and in good condition, you save cash on energy bills and reduce the need for emergency services.

Preventative Maintenance:

Topping up the refrigerant on your AC system regularly, even if it’s not empty, can help to keep the unit running efficiently. Booking routine preventative visits is often an affordable solution that will save hundreds of dollars over time. If you’re looking for the most competent air conditioning repair companies in Bethlehem, PA and surrounding areas click here today.