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The Difference Between Mobile Home Furnaces and Standard Home Furnace


Mobile homes, which are transportable structures such as live-in trailers, are a great choice for anyone searching for the comfort of a private home at an affordable price point. However, when it comes to furnishing your mobile home, there are special precautions you need to take. For certain appliances, such as furnaces, an incorrect application can have unforeseen consequences on your safety.

Mobile Home vs. Standard Furnaces

The function of a furnace is the same no matter where you are: to provide heating in your home. However, the way the furnace operates differs depending on the type of home. Here are some differences between the furnaces found in mobile homes and standard residences:

  • Size
  • Installation
  • Airflow


In a standard house, a furnace is installed in a spare space and connect to vents that promote airflow throughout the home. Since mobile homes tend to be smaller living sites, their ducts don’t permit standard-sized furnaces. Thus, most mobile homes use forced air units or a small furnace cabinet that comes with a vented door. These require special fans that properly and safely encourage airflow throughout the home.

The Dangers of an Improper Furnace

Getting a furnace is not a matter that should be taken lightly, especially when it comes to a mobile home. Purchasing the wrong type of furnace or having it improperly installed can lead to a myriad of problems, such as:

  • Insufficient heating
  • Frequent break-downs
  • Accidental fires

In the best-case scenario, your furnace might break down a few years before the typical 10-30 year lifespan. In the worst-case scenario, it can cause a fire and put your life at risk. To ensure the longevity of your heating system and prevent dangerous accidents, it’s important to rely on high-quality HVAC services.

Finding the Right HVAC Company

You can take steps when the temperature drops below a certain point to help prevent your pipes from freezing. One common and widely used tactic by homeowners of all types is to keep a few faucets running when it gets freezing. If you keep warm water flowing through the pipes, they won’t freeze as quickly.

Since 1998, our experienced team at Curtis Total Service has been providing exemplary heating services to residential and commercial customers. Our employees are available round-the-clock for any concerns that may arise. With our in-depth training and quality products, you can be sure that you’re getting a furnace that’s optimized for your home, whether it be a mobile home or a regular house. Contact Curtis Total Service for comprehensive furnace services