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The Top 4 Reasons Drains Clog During the Holiday Season

It’s never the right moment to discover your drains have been clogged. Naturally, with indoor plumbing, it’s expected that you will experience slow plumbing or fully clogged drains at some point or another. During the holiday season, you’re more likely to open your home to family members visiting from distant places, which usually leads to more cooking and hosting of dinner parties. With more traffic in your home, your chances of developing a clogged drain increase drastically. Luckily, Curtis Total Service, one of the leading sewer and drain cleaning companies in Allentown, PA, has decades of experience resolving these types of drainage issues. However, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent clogged drains — if you know the causes.

Grease — You’re Not The One That I Want

Although scrambling to get dinner prepared for all of your guests can be challenging, what’s even more tedious is the cleanup that follows. Often times, grease, fat, and oil from dinner plates is disposed of by pouring it directly down the drain, instead of scraping dirty dishes into the trash. While this may be easier on your guests, we advise against it. As grease running through the drains cools down, it begins to stick to the walls of the pipes and solidify. Over time, pipes begin to clog, restricting the amount of water that can go through the drain.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Having more people in your home means daily 20-yard dash competitions — first one to the bathroom wins! Most of us are fully aware that clogged drains are typically the result of improper bathroom usage. Hair is one of the most common ways bathroom pipes and drains clog. Whether it be in the shower, or grooming directly over the sink, hair can easily accumulate if proper guards are not put in place to catch those messy strands.

Toiletries — We’re on a Roll

Bathroom etiquette is important — especially when you’re a guest in someone else’s home. Even if something looks like it can be easily flushed down the toilet, the only thing that should go down there is toilet paper. Period.

Food Me Once… Shame On You

Kitchen sinks without a garbage disposal should not be used to throw away food remnants. Relay that to your guests, as they may not know what capabilities your sink has. Even if your sink has a garbage disposal, you should be cautious when disposing of certain foods. Many foods can be oily and contain lots of grease, which you don’t want in your drains. Scraping larger portions of food into the garbage first is the best way to prevent potential clogs from occurring.

Depending on the severity of the damage caused to the drains, it’s important to call a professional so that you receive the best and most effective solution possible. Curtis Total Service, which offers drain cleaning service in Easton, PA, uses high-pressure water jetting that guarantees not only clear lines, but clean ones, too.

Finding professional service that assures quality and expertise to cater to your needs is important. The plumbers at Curtis Total Service are reliable and hold extensive knowledge in the industry, making them the best of the best at what they do. On call 24/7, Curtis Total Service is your solution to peace of mind. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional plumbers!